The Jaboli Family Story

Founded in 1984 Jaboli II designs one-of-a-kind fashion accessories in an array of beautiful colours.  With our love of colour and texture, these two characteristics are combined with a sense of adventure resulting in a collaboration unlike any other.

Colours interplay with one another using medium called "Polymer Clay".  This product is synthetic, light-weight, colorfast and durable.  It's initial appearance and texture is plasticine in nature.  At Jaboli we create and mix our own colours from those initially available, the intent of the process being an ongoing effort to match current and ever-evolving fabric and clothing trends.

Up to ten different colour palettes are constantly at work with each individual palette composed of numerous colour combinations, at times as high as sixteen differing colour components.

​These raw colour mixes are hand-twisted and cut together and then pressed flat.  Jaboli's own unique styled patterns are then hand-cut from these flat pieces, hand-etched and detailed, and then finally hand-sculpted.  These finished sculpted pieces are then baked and cooled.  Once this stage is complete, the attaching of the various hardware components, earring backs, brooch backs, and barrette backs, brings the finished product to fruition.  All of the hardware that we use is lead and nickel free surgical steel so that anyone with sensitivities can wear our jewellery with confidence.

Our mission is to design unique fashion accessories, evoking a love of life to match your distinctive style.

Jaboli II is proud to be a family business.  We travel to shows and events across Canada throughout the year.  Visit our "Show List" page to find out when we will be appearing in your vicinity.

If you require more information about Jaboli II, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.